Aquart Ltd (ZaCoffee)) is a highly innovative coffee a company established in 2017
by two coffee-passionate entrepreneurs.

ZaCoffee currently focuses exclusive on the markets of Zanzibar, Tanzania and the East African Region. We are specialized in “Out of Home” coffee solutions and have the “Official Distributor” status from Caffe’ Toscano, Italy’s favorite coffee provider and producer, in East Africa. Our network of customers range from small restaurants, remote-site lodges through to 5-star hotels and offices, as well multi-national organizations, primarily with mining and oil operations in Tanzania and Kenya.

ZaCoffee’s services enable our customers to serve the highest quality hot and cold beverages, predominantly through single-serving capsule systems, but also through state-of-the-art tea and coffee machines. Our comprehensive range of products and services includes Instant Beverage Systems, Coffee-Beans-To-Cup Brewing and Filter Coffee Solutions. We are truly a “One-Stop-Shop” when it comes to the art of serving fantastic coffee. As a customer of ZaCoffee, you will find all of the ingredients to make an excellent coffee as well as a variety of other beverages, from a quality cappuccino maker for a 5-person office, to professional turn-key set-ups for pure-play coffee shops. We sell, distribute and service directly to maintain the highest unique quality standards, and always want to be very close to our customers and their needs. After all, this is what helps us to come up with and provide bespoke solutions for our broad range of customers.

Essentially, we look to install ideal solutions which are tailored to fit our customers’ individual needs.

After all, a coffee machine is not simply a coffee machine, and a cup of coffee is not just a cup of coffee. By the same token, there is such a thing as a bad cup of tea/coffee, believe it or not …

East Africa Headquarters
TIN No.: 130 – 094 – 589 ZRB No.: Z025359840
P.O. Box 3218, Nofal Street, No. 9 – Mombasa Area , Unguja, Zanzibar, United Republic of Tanzania
Phone: +255 710 664 491/2/3, Email: